Book journey week 7: What’s happening

You didn’t miss anything.

I always knew there was a book in me, I just didn’t know which one.

There were two main sets of people who asked questions:

  1. Executives with lots of job stability and have been working at the same company or with the same people for over a decade. They’re now looking for a new position and don’t know where to start, or they’re frustrated with some part of the process.
  2. People who are “new executives”, are used to dealing with transactional resume-oriented staffing firms or agencies, and are now in process for positions with retained executive search firms. Things are different. They wanted to know what to expect, how honest they should be, why things are taking so long, and what’s expected of them.

I’m currently interviewing three sets of people:

  1. Executive recruiters (Partners, Consultants, Associates, any level) who have been referred to me by executives in my network as true candidate advocates.
  2. Executives who have opinions, stories, lessons, and advice to share regarding the candidate side of executive search. There are things they know now that they wish they knew earlier.
  3. Relevant known authors or experts



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